Revolutionizing the way you keep members engaged.


Including full conference features: event schedule, detailed speaker and exhibitor list, in-app messaging, session evals, personalized member schedules, and more. Leverage event branding and sponsorship opportunities.

Virtual Communities

A platform for your members to collaborate, share ideas, and network with one another. Create a sense of community to help increase member retention and value.

News Feeds and Alerts

Keep your members in the know with instant updates, personalized news and user-generated content. Provide a platform that enables users to discuss topics that matter most.

Member Directory

Networking opportunities made easy for all members using the messaging feature, communicating via one-to-one chats. Perform a quick member-search to build alliances and forge connections.

Member Profile

Create a convenient way for members to manage their accounts, renew dues, stay informed about events, and more.

In-App Payments

Centralize the payment method for membership dues and event registrations creating convenience for you and your members.

Segmented Push Notifications

Send targeted messaging to relevant groups of users creating a new marketing and communication channel.

Resource Library

A secure archive of information for sharing documents and videos.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Develop a new revenue stream by highlighting your sponsors, exhibitors and partners on the app. Sponsorship opportunities include banner ads, sponsored news feed and much more.

Micro Learning System

This module allows organizations to create sets of educational questions with multiple choices that can be delivered to users on daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. Users can answer questions, review the answers and after completing all the questions, users can claim credits and get a certificate.



In addition to the mosaic apps polling module, voting allows members to vote for a motion set up by the admin.

Extendibility and Flexibility

Choose from multiple home page themes and feature options.
Configurable modules based on your members’ specific needs.





Value to all stakeholders

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