Four years ago, when the idea of a global pandemic was only a plotline for sci-fi movies, we started the conversation on how to provide a mobile solution for your event that all of your users, even those that are technologically disadvantaged. If your organization is still looking for a solution that will help you reach both mobile app users and those who either can’t or won’t download a mobile app, let me introduce you to the latest mosaic apps product: hub & space!

The pandemic changed many things for the association (and larger) world, but one thing remains the same: organizations need to reach users wherever they are. This is where our newest product fits in. hub & space is a two-part product.

  1. hub provides the majority of the functionality available in the mobile app but in a mobile-website format.
  2. space provides a platform for virtual events with either pre-recorded sessions, live-streamed sessions, or a hybrid of in-person sessions live-streamed to users at home/work. We’ve taken the base of the Online Scheduler and increased the functionality a hundred-fold!
So how will this help you with the generational technology gap?

Just like with the Online Scheduler before it, hub allows users to access the most important parts of any event mobile app, but now we’ve updated that list to include almost all the functionality available in the mosaic 365 apps: the ability to view details about sessions and speakers, take evaluations, access handouts and create a personalized schedule PLUS access exhibitors, sponsors, Connect (one-on-one messaging), session polls, question and answer, forums, floor maps, and an optional certification module. hub can also provide access to other modules available in the app as needed.

How does this change the event game?

Think about it. With these corresponding products, your organization will be able to reach EVERYONE attending your conference; every phone, tablet, and laptop will have to access to the event details you’ve spent years putting together. No users will need to be left behind.

If you’d like a personal demo of hub & space, please let us know here.

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